Magenta training will be available online from 2024 in a series of video workshops. For more details please contact Mike directly: or +44 7833 030987.

The video workshops are offered as a pick ‘n’ mix menu and can be accessed as stand-alone sessions or can be combined to create individual training programmes. The sessions are suitable for individuals, small groups and whole staff training.

Workshops are available at two levels:

  • Level 1 developing Magenta in your classroom (suitable for both primary and secondary teachers).
  • Level 2 – developing Magenta in your school.


Level 1 workshops include:

  • Introducing the Magenta Principles
  • Developing a Magenta mindset
  • The icing on the cake

Level 2 workshops include:

  • Magenta training framework
  • Iceberg model of Magenta training
  • Magenta Coaching
Contact Mike
Mike’s work is hugely varied and tailored to fit the needs of the individual school/teacher. Anyone considering working with Mike is invited to contact him to discuss their requirements and explore possibilities. Please include the name of your school in your enquiry.


+44(0)7833 030 987

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